Continuum vs TOR

A short attempt to a little technobabble in a new series called “Continuum“.
Looks like Hollywood does have some hopes to crack into the TOR network, somehow 🙂

(edit: Looks like the series is Canadian, so no Hollywood)

Transcript (although it has a few gaps or mistakes)

"I wanted to let you know I've been doing some digging. The Portland PD database was hacked by a third-party server."
"That's.. good?"
"Not bad.. depending on who did the hacking.. I've been following the [..] trail back to the originating server. He or she is using TOR, to encrypt their TCP streams and cover their tracks. I've been funneling the gaps between incoming and outgoing packets.. and they're narrowing" *smile*
"So you're going to find out who's behind the curtain, right?"
"Pretty soon he's gonna overstay his welcome, and I'm gonna nail his ass."